Notes from the Field, Week 14 - Ohio Expansion

Take a look at our progress in Ohio this week.  The focus for the week was generating buzz for a large Think & Drink event in Akron, as well as continued operational improvement and community engagement.  The Atomic Action app had increased engagement this week, and we have a new competition winner for the week.


Story from the Field


Weekly Takeaways

-With the Mustard Seed Think & Drink only a week away, both field efforts and community efforts were focused primarily on event turnout.

-The field team continued to do an excellent job training new canvassers in an efficient, yet thorough, manner. As a result, the field team has weathered turnover in recent weeks while avoiding a dip in either doors attempted or supporters converted.


By the Numbers

Another week of continuous improvement.  Canvassers offered constituents the option of writing postcards to both their state senators and representatives, an offer that was taken up very often resulting in an action conversion rate above 100% (each postcard is counted as one action).  This weeks Action/Attempt rate was the highest of expansion campaign.


Atomic Action Weekly Activism Competition

Last week's winner of the Generation Atomic Activism Competition was River Bennett.  River took the opportunity to hone his nuclear knowledge by watching videos and completing quizzes, as well as introducing himself to the Atomic Action community and checking in daily.  

River will be receiving a Generation Atomic t-shirt in the mail.  Keep checking the Atomic Action App for more opportunities to score points and win GenA gear.

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