Notes from the Field, Week 12 - Ohio Expansion

Continuing the march through Northern Ohio, the field team added several new members and made several new relationships with community leaders.  Another week of knocking several thousand doors and converting hundreds of supporters has the GenA team moving forward with a great summer.


Story from the Field 


Weekly Takeaways

The field team focused on process through training for new team members and refresher workshops for experienced team members. This translated into strong conversion rates and will allow the field team to transition into multiple districts with confidence in the coming weeks.


By the Numbers

The field team quickly and efficiently  recruited, onboarded, and trained new staff this week, resulting in a higher number of attempts.  Even with the new canvassers and the learning curve that comes with the job, the team had one of its most efficient weeks ever both in terms of commitments to act, as well as supporter conversion.

A change in schedule for canvassing hours as well as a tweak in turf targeting has continued to have a positive effect on the team’s at home rate.

Results continue to indicate that the average Northern Ohioan is willing to publicly support nuclear after a short conversation with a stranger.


Atomic Action Weekly Activism Competition:

Alec Herbert has won the first ever Atomic Action weekly activism competition.  Alec is an Army Ranger turned nuclear engineer and is the Director of Government and Media Outreach for 5-Minute Nuclear.  He will be receiving an extremely subtle Generation Atomic t-shirt.  Be sure to check for videos and lobbying actions for a shot at winning next week.

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