Notes from the Field, Week 1 - Sandusky, OH

Field Report - Sandusky, Ohio (Week 1: April 23-29)

We have landed on the beachhead-- Ohio's 89th House District.  This legislative district is key to the passage of the ZEN (Zero Emissions Nuclear) Bill that would save both Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants from premature closure. Thousands of jobs, millions in school funding, and a full 90% of Ohio's clean energy hang in the balance, yet local Representative Steve Arndt has been waffling on his support for the measure.  We are here to change that.

Our beds? Inflatable. Our furniture? Folding.  Our shoe soles? Already worn a bit thinner.

One week out, here is our first weekly field report.

Story from the Field

“One of the doors I knocked was answered by this 25 year old single father. His daughter, who couldn't have been older than 4 was behind him, hugging his leg. He told me he was unemployed and working on his GED. He doesn't think Davis-Besse would ever hire ‘a man with no education’, but he wrote a postcard to Rep. Arndt and gave me the 10 bucks in his wallet so 3,600 people might not have to lose their jobs.”
- Jon Landress, Organizer

Note: we reached out to this supporter and offered him a full-time canvassing position.


Weekly Takeaways

  • At a 52% conversion rate, the postcard push has been far more successful than ever could have been imagined. Members of the community are itching for more ways to become involved in saving their plant.  If we can provide some livable jobs while doing this-- win/win.

  • Passage of the ZEN is an extreme uphill climb. Senator Gardner will vote for it, but is not supporting it actively. Rep. Arndt is not convinced that ZEN has any chance of passage, is obfuscating. More successful conversions must be obtained in Southern OH to encourage Arndt.


(Typical nightly haul of post cards)


By the Numbers


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Keep fighting the good fight,

Eric, Tay, Charlie, Grant, Sam, Amelia, Jon, and Tyler

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