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Ohio’s two nuclear power plants are Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in nearby Ottawa County and Perry Nuclear Generating Station in Lake County to the east of us. These plants are in danger of closing unless SB 128, the Zero Emissions Nuclear bill, passes the Ohio General Assembly this year and is signed by Governor John Kasich.

Davis-Besse employs more than 700 people, contributes $23 million annually in local and state taxes, and produces 40 percent of northwestern Ohio’s electricity. The effects of Davis-Besse’s closing near the area would be very bad. There are workers at Davis-Besse who live and pay taxes in Erie County and Ottawa County and they and their co-workers support our economy by patronizing local businesses.

Davis-Besse’s closure could also complicate the reliable way in which our community receives its power.

Furthermore, Ohio’s two nuclear power plants provide 4,300 family-sustaining jobs, millions of dollars in school funding, and 90 percent of Ohio’s clean energy.



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