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The time has come!  Get on the Atomic Action app, climb the leader-board, and earn prizes each week. This week we will be sending a Generation Atomic t-shirt to whoever tops the leader-board for the week ending at midnight on Sunday.  Read this month's developers blog to learn about some of the new features and content that Atomic Action has to bring.


Recent Feedback

"Where is all of this Generation Atomic swag that you have been talking about for so long?"

It's here, and here's how you get it:

  1. Perform as many actions in the app as possible before the deadline of midnight EST on Saturday, each week.  You can tell how much time you have left each week by looking at the countdown timer pinned to the top of the action screen.Screenshot_20170703-110046.jpg
  2. Look for an message in your inbox from the Generation Atomic team.  We will need to get your shipping information confirmed so that we can send you your gear.
  3. Wear your Generation Atomic gear proudly, and let people know that you support a nuclear future!Baseball_Tee.jpg


Top Actions This Week


New Features

  • Weekly competitions
  • Call and tweet Senators to support NEIMA
  • Videos and quizzes: "Thorium Molten Salt Reactors" and "The Fuel Cycle"


Upcoming Features

  • Plan an event


Do you have ideas or feedback?

Drop us a line in the comments.  We rely on feedback from our users and nuclear advocates to help provide the tools that they need to accomplish their goals.  Let us know what types of digital tools we can bring to the table to make your organizing and advocating efforts successful.

...and obviously, don't forget to download the app if you haven't already.

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