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We’ve been busy on the ground trying to save nuclear plants in Ohio, but we’re still adding features, actions, and constantly improving our app, Atomic Action. (Did you download it yet?)

This next update is going to be our biggest one yet.  We’re introducing something we’re calling "Weekly Sprints".  Every week you have the opportunity to climb the leaderboards and be the top nuclear advocate!  Here’s a run down.


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Recent Feedback

"I find it impossible to climb the leader-board"

We have been getting this feedback quite a bit, especially with our focused campaign efforts in Ohio.  In order to keep new atomic advocates engaged and motivated, we will be rolling out a "weekly sprint" format for Atom Points.  This upcoming week, the leader-board will display weekly point totals for each user.  Whoever climbs to the top of this leader-board each week will have their choice of Gen A swag: hats, shirts, and even a fidget spinner.



New Features

  • Action Feed: We’ve changed how some actions work.  When you complete them, they disappear.  There will always be some pinned actions that you can complete multiple times for points.

  • Call your local legislators.  Simply put in your zip code to connect with your local legislators and ask them to save nuclear power in Ohio!

  • New videos and quizzes on Capacity, 100% Renewables, The Electricity Grid, and Decommissioning


Upcoming Features

  • Weekly Competition - Compete on a weekly basis to be the best nuclear advocate and win prizes
  • Weekly Countdown Timer - See how much time is left each week for you to win points and earn branded gear



Put them in the comments below!  Specifically, we are looking for suggestions as to how to better get users involved.  We want to create a community that can work together to save the future of energy.

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