Developer's Blog 1

Howdy folks,

Welcome to the first edition of the Generation Atomic developer’s blog, our periodic update about our technology, smartphone app, and all things digital going on with Generation Atomic.  In these updates, we’ll be letting you know what’s in the development pipeline and soliciting feedback about features, additions and fixes.

Download the app here.

Recent Feedback:

“The app is force quitting on my android device”

This has been fixed for 90% of android devices.  There was an issue with devices that had low memory, so we are now checking available memory on devices and adjusting image resolution accordingly

“How do I get points for attempts while canvassing”

We have adjusted the canvassing survey to include a way to log attempts and contacts.  We have also added a GPS coordinate tracking feature that lets us generate a heat map for canvassing coverage, and to track quality.


New Features


Upcoming Features

  • Call your State congress members (OH).
  • More opportunities for user generated content
  • Online advocacy heat maps
  • Organize an event


Do you have ideas for more features? 

Put them in the comments below!  Specifically, we are looking for suggestions as to how to better get users involved.  We want to create a community that can work together to save the future of energy.

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